Meet the Exceptional & Successful Small Tour 10yo Gelding!

Published on 2 November 2023 at 21:39

🐎 Are you ready to be captivated by a rising equestrian star? 🐎


Here a magnificent 10yo gelding, by Charmeur X West Point.


Small Tour Brilliance: Showcasing talent and training at the small tour level.Competed successfully in national shows in NL


Dazzling Movement: A big mover with very expressive gaits :


Trot : With a powerful push from the hindquarters, it effortlessly covers ground with a lofty and suspended front end. The trot showcases an impressive amount of suspension and elasticity


Walk : He has a relaxed and  ground-covering walk .


Canter : The canter is where his athleticism and balance come to the forefront. It's a dynamic canter , that combines an uphill balance with a smooth, gliding canter stride.



Laser Focus: With an unwavering commitment to its work, this horse is always concentrated on his work at home and on shows.


In summary, this 10yo gelding boasts gaits that are a harmonious blend of elegance, power, balance, and focus. Whether you're an ambitious competitor or a discerning rider, these qualities in its gaits make it a compelling choice for those seeking excellence in dressage. 🌟🐴


For more information and to arrange a meeting with this exceptional horse, contact us 🌟🐴


Main Infos:


Birth Year2014

Height17 hands or 172.5 cm



WFFS Negative

Xrays Available

Breed: Dutch Warmblood


Dam's SireWest Point


Located in NL



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