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Published on 12 October 2023 at 23:35

Introducing an Exceptional 12-Year-Old Gelding

by Charmeur X Sandro Hit


Are you ready to elevate your equestrian journey to new heights? We are thrilled to present an extraordinary 12-year-old gelding who's not just a good mover; he's an exceptional athlete ready to take you to the Grand Prix level.


🌟 Grand Prix Potential: This stunning gelding has been meticulously trained and is proficient in Grand Prix exercises. His precision and elegance in every movement showcase his readiness to compete at the highest level of dressage.


🌟 Outstanding Movement: When it comes to movement, he's nothing short of remarkable. His graceful, fluid strides and powerful extensions are bound to captivate judges and spectators alike. Riding him feels like dancing with pure grace and energy.


🌟 Unmatched Training: This gelding has received top-notch training, and it shows in his impeccable collection, extension, piaffe, passage, and tempi changes. He's the embodiment of strength and finesse.


🌟 Exceptional Temperament: Beyond his impressive skills, he's a true partner. His willingness to work, intelligence, and eagerness to please make every training session a joy. His trusting nature forms an unbreakable bond between horse and rider.


🌟 Ready for Success: Whether you're a seasoned competitor or looking to make your mark in the Grand Prix arena, this gelding is ready to embark on this journey with you. He has the potential to bring home ribbons and accolades, setting the stage for a successful career.


Don't miss this golden opportunity to claim your next partner in success. Elevate your riding experience, achieve your Grand Prix dreams, and stand out in the dressage world with this remarkable 11-year-old gelding by your side.


Contact us  to arrange a meeting and see how he can be the key to your future equestrian triumphs!


Main infos: 


Birth Year: 2012

Height: 16.3 hands or 170 cm

Gender: Gelding

Color: Bay

WFFS Negative

Breed: Dutch Warmblood

Sire: Charmeur

Dam's Sire: Sandro Hit

Training: Schoolmaster


Located in NL


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