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Secchiari Boots : it´s a must!

At the beginning of my career , I was using the classical hard dressage boots with the old fashion and very classical design…By chance I had a serendipitous encounter with Secchiari Boots at a CDIW event in Lyon,

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MDC Stirrups : The best choice!

Since 2014, I have been honored to be sponsored by MDC Stirrups, a collaboration for which I am extremely grateful and thrilled to be a part of. Being part of this family is an extraordinary and significant opportunity for me.

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Sand or Grass?

Everyday, when I put my horses in the field I always change them between grass field and sand fields. I consider myself lucky as I have the possibility to decided and alternate them as in my stable we have both options.

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Playing Time!!

The bond between a human and a horse can be incredibly special, and the feelings that horses can transmit to their riders is something unique.

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