Introducing Kensington's Legacy: A Dressage Dream Come True!

Published on 2 November 2023 at 13:32

Welcome to the world of equestrian excellence, where elegance meets passion and performance knows no bounds. Meet this lovely  5-year-old dressage mare by Kensington ( Glamourdale-Don Schufro) -Lord Sinclair, who embodies the epitome of grace, talent, and potential.


World of Elegance

In the spotlight, she commands attention with every stride, captivating all who have the privilege of witnessing her. Her movements are a symphony of grace, a testament to her royal bloodline.


A Royal Bloodline

She inherits her grace and talent from the finest in the equestrian world. Her grand sire by the father is Glamourdale, 2022 World Champion , while her dam, Don Schufro, stands as an elite Danish Warmblood mare. Grand sire, Lord Sinclair, adds a touch of Hannoverian royalty to her pedigree.


Temperament and Personality

Her temperament is something to behold. She is gentle, intelligent, and always eager to work and improve. She's not just a horse; she's a true partner for any rider.


Unleash Her Potential

This isn't just a horse; it's a dream in the making. With prospects for high-level dressage she is a star on the rise, waiting for the right person to guide her towards glory. Her grace, talent, and potential make her a remarkable investment for any rider.


Your Dream Awaits

Now is your opportunity to welcome her into your world. She's available and all it takes is reaching out to us.


Your dream awaits - Don't hesitate to contact us.


Main Infos: 


Birth Year2019

Height: 16.2 hands or 167.5 cm

Gender: Mare


WFFS Negative 

Xrays Available 

BreedDutch Warmblood

Sire: Kensington

Dam's Sire: Lord Sinclair

Training: Developing


Located in NL


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