🌟 "The Champion of Champions - Your Olympic Partner!" 🌟

Published on 2 November 2023 at 22:10

Have you ever dreamed of participating at the Dressage Olympics ?

Here's your chance to do it with the horse of your dreams!


🏅 Experience: Numerous victories at national and international level, participation at WEG and numerous European Championships .


🌟 Talented and Reliable: Our horse is a true athlete, a champion in the discipline and a trusted companion.


🌈 Unlimited Potential: Make your mark in Olympic history and exceed your limits with this magnificent companion.


🤝 Winning Collaboration: Our horse and you form an unbeatable team ready to reach the highest peaks.


🎖️ Don't miss this amazing opportunity to achieve success at the Olympics.

Contact us now for more details and to begin your journey to glory! 🎖️ Don't wait, your Olympic dream is within reach! 🏆🐴


Confidential negotiation, only to seriously interested persons.


Main Infos: 


Birth Year2009

Height: 16.2 hands or 167.5 cm

Gender: Stallion

WFFS Negative 

Xrays Available 



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