It's time to get stronger

Published on 11 July 2023 at 19:34

Today I want to tell you about how, when and why I started going to the gym, thus complementing my daily equestrian activity , exercise and gym training.


I know it can often seem difficult to find the time or motivation to move, but I want to get you thinking about how important it is to make room in our lives for exercise.


Physical activity is not just about achieving an aesthetically pleasing body; it is a true act of love for ourselves. When we engage in exercise, we give our body the opportunity to strengthen itself, become more resilient and function at its best.


It is not only about the physical aspects, but also the mental ones. Physical activity is one of the best antidotes to stress and anxiety.

Equestrian sports, and dressage in particular, requires great concentration, discipline and perseverance, so I found it ideal to combine physical activity in the gym with my daily training with horses.


So last winter I made up my mind : gym membership done!


Overcoming our limits, facing challenges and to keep going despite fatigue : these are qualities that are reflected in every aspect of our lives, making us stronger and more determined.

So, not only physical benefits in the saddle but also psychological ones!

Let us now analyze point by point, the benefits of this combination :


* Muscle strength: Riding requires considerable use of the muscles of the trunk, legs and buttocks to maintain balance and control our position in the saddle, Training in the gym can help develop muscle strength in these areas, thus improving our stability

* Endurance: Riding can be a physically demanding activity, requiring muscular and cardiovascular endurance. Cardiovascular training helps increase overall endurance

* Balance and coordination: Balance is very important  in riding, and gym training can help improving balance and body coordination. Exercises such as yoga, Pilates, or the use of specific equipment can help develop postural control and balance, thereby improving performance in the saddle.

* Flexibility: Flexibility is important for maintaining good posture and performing movements correctly while riding. Gym training can include stretching exercises that promote muscle flexibility, allowing greater freedom of movement

* Core strength: A strong core is essential in riding, as it stabilizes the trunk and allows better communication between the hands, legs and horse. Gym training can include specific core exercises such as planks, crunches and balance ball exercises, which can improve trunk strength and stability.

* Weight loss and toning: gym can offer a variety of equipment and workout programs to help you achieve your weight loss or muscle toning goals.

* Self-improvement and personal challenge : Many people find satisfaction in committing to a challenging workout program and achieving new personal goals.


So here I am : 5 days a week I work out at the end of the day at the gym following a focused program to increase strength, flexibility, tone, and balance

I assure you that all these things I have tried on my own skin and the results can be seen and felt!

But I understand that sometimes we may feel unmotivated or without the right guidance to get started, but remember that the important thing is to get started, even with small steps.

I promise you will not regret it, and remember one thing :





Be ready to feel the beat of your heart, leave behind the excuses and live a life full of energy, strength and joy !

Ah !!! Last thing to say about this all :  Let's not forget to be stylish even in the gym :

* Choose well-cut clothes

* Opt for neutral colors or coordinating shades

* Choose quality materials

* Add stylish details

* Suitable shoes with a clean design and good cushioning. Make sure they go well with the rest of your clothing

* Keep it neat and tidy.

Try to strike a balance between style and elegance without compromising functionality.

 What do you think?



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