Playing Time!!

Published on 13 July 2023 at 21:20

The bond between a human and a horse can be incredibly special, and the feelings that horses can transmit to their riders is something unique.

Spending time with my horses give me the power, strength and happiness which I couldn’t find anywhere else and the complicity that develops between me and them is very difficult to explain with words.

Each of them has a different personality and with each of them I relate in a different ways, always respecting each other (remember that we always have to deal with 800 kg animals) and always finding time to have fun together!

I will briefly describe the personalities of my horses and ponies, so you get a clearer idea.


Of course, let's start with The KING: DONNERBUBE

We are "partners in crime" since 17 years, there is a deep, unique understanding ... with one look we understand each other immediately. He has a very strong and dominant personality, you can play with him but never overdo it : the king always wins . Enjoying his well-deserved retirement, he also does a little jog every day in the morning to keep fit and then goes to the field. Time to play ? Oh we have plenty of it !!! Watch the video and you will have fun !!!


DUCATI : a strong individuality and charismatic presence.

Determined at work, sensitive, despite his strong personality, he’s able to feel every signal from my body, from every situation around him. Very sweet, in fact he prefers to play the " moments of love " as I like to call them.


ORFEO: The baby! Despite he is only 4 years old he’s a little giant 176cm .... is one of the most intelligent horses I’ve ever met in my life. He has a high personality , is able to learn with ease and shows creativity in dealing with the challenges presented to him. Decisive in every situation, games obviously attracts him very much.... Giant balls and stuffed animals amuse him a lot , especially as he demolishes them ... and his maximum fun is reached when I massages him .... watch the video and get ready d a good laugh !


MINIBUBI : son of Donnerbube, but totally opposite character! Very calm, serene in any situation, he likes to enjoy his days observing his surroundings. Curious horse always in a positive way. The most fun for him is rolling around in every place .... so then I’m busy cleaning him up ! Very sweet , he too like Ducati has his " moments of love "


FANTA, STELLA & EVA : the 3 wild mini girls !!! Endless games  for them ! Free and carefree in a huge paddock they spend their days chasing each other and driving me crazy  when I try to convince them to go to sleep in the box !

So yes , I recommend to find “playful time” to spend with your horses because both of you can have lots of benefits like :

  • Trust: Horses are perceptive animals and can develop a deep sense of trust in their human companions. When you establish a bond with your horse based on trust, it can create a feeling of safety and security for both of you.
  • Calmness: Horses have a soothing presence, and being around them can help promote a sense of calm and relaxation. Their rhythmic movements, gentle demeanor, and the peacefulness of their natural environment can have a tranquilizing effect on us as well.
  • Connection: This connection can be felt through mutual understanding, non-verbal communication, and shared experiences. It's a unique and profound feeling of being in tune with another living being.
  • Joy and happiness:  Their playful nature, the joy they express during activities, and the sense of freedom they embody can uplift your spirits and create a positive emotional experience.
  • Empowerment: Working with horses, whether it's training, riding, or simply spending time together, can instill a sense of empowerment. As you develop your skills, overcome challenges, and build a partnership with your horse, you may feel a boost in confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

Building a strong bond with your horse takes time, patience, and consistent interaction. Enjoying their company and the emotions they evoke can be a truly rewarding aspect of being around horses.

But, how can you play with your horse?

  • Grooming: Use a soft brush  to gently groom their coat, removing dirt and loose hairs. This can be a relaxing 
  • Groundwork: Engaging in groundwork exercises can be a playful and educational experience. You can teach your horse to respond to different cues, walk over obstacles, . This helps build trust and communication between you and the horse.
  • Liberty work: Liberty work involves interacting with your horse without the use of ropes or halters. This allows the horse to express its natural behavior and encourages them to follow your cues willingly. Playing and running together in a round pen or open area can create a sense of freedom and playfulness.

Remember to always prioritize safety when interacting with horses. It's important to have a good understanding of horse behavior and use proper equipment and techniques!!!

So, are you going to play? 






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