Horses & Dogs: That´s amore

Published on 9 August 2023 at 20:47

I was lucky enough to have grown up around animals and developed an unconditional love for every kind of animal. Not only dogs & horses, but also fishes, rabbits, chickens, cats, canaries, turtles, ducks ... in short, every possible kind!

Each of them has a name, each of them is an integral part of my days! 

To explain in words the relationship that is created with each of them is too difficult, I can only say that from each of them I have learned something, with each of them I have established a wonderful relationship and thanks to them I have developed a great sensitivity that allows me to establish a relationship of immediate and deep trust with them.


Horses and dogs are known for their loyalty , they offer emotional support and a sense of connection. Dogs often join riders during competitions and training sessions.

But what do these two kinds of animals so different from each other have in common?


The deep and unwavering affection that animals show toward humans without any conditions or expectations. Unlike many human relationships, where emotions can be complex and influenced by various factors, the love that animals give is remarkably straightforward and pure.


They provide a unique and profound source of emotional connection, comfort, and support that can enrich human lives in remarkable ways.....


Their Absence of Judgment, No Expectations, Presence in Every Moment, Unwavering Loyalty, Response to Kindness, and last but not least Non-Verbal Communication: they communicate their emotions through body language, behavior and actions.


In my opinion, this kind of connection  can have a significant impact on our feelings and personal development in various ways as well :


Empathy and Compassion:  As you learn to understand and appreciate the needs and emotions of animals, you're likely to extend these qualities to interactions with people as well. This can lead to more meaningful and empathetic relationships.


Positive Emotions:  Interacting with animals and witnessing their behavior can evoke positive emotions such as joy, happiness.


Mindfulness and Presence: Animals don't dwell on the past or worry about the future, which can inspire you to adopt a more mindful perspective in our own life.


Personal Growth: Taking care of animals requires responsibility and patience. It can challenge you to develop problem-solving skills and adaptability, all of which contribute to a personal growth.


Altruism and Giving: Knowing that your actions positively impact the lives of animals can be incredibly fulfilling.


So, overall, I can easily say that the love for animals can lead to a more compassionate, joyful, and mindful life. It encourages personal growth, enhances your emotional well-being.





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