Motivational Speech: “ If you really want , you can” NO, that’s NOT TRUE!

Published on 12 November 2023 at 16:50

It's time to dispel this illusion, for life is not always as straightforward as our desires would have us believe.


Yes, we all have dreams, passions that ignite our souls. We yearn for achievements that seem beyond our reach, and we're told that with enough willpower, anything is possible.

But let me be clear - it's not always like that and that simple.

There's a critical distinction that we must grasp :

the line between the difficult and the impossible tasks.


Indeed, while motivation and a positive mindset are valuable, there are realistic limitations to what one can achieve. Recognizing the difference between challenges that can be overcome with effort and those that may be genuinely impossible is crucial for setting realistic goals and avoiding unnecessary frustration.


Here lies the danger - the danger of obstinacy. Clinging to the unattainable not only stalls progress but steals away the precious currency of our existence: Time.


Time is not a resource to be squandered. Every ticking second is an opportunity, a chance to ascend, to evolve. Yet, when we obstinately pursue the unachievable, we risk wasting these precious moments. The pursuit of the impossible becomes a drain on our potential, a distraction from what truly matters.


So, let us redirect our focus.

Let us embrace the challenges that, though arduous, are within the realm of achievement.

Let us channel our desires into endeavours that promise growth and transformation; because, understanding and respecting the limits of what is realistically achievable can lead to a more balanced and sustainable approach to personal and professional development.


Dare to dream big, but do so with wisdom.


Recognize the difference between the difficult and the impossible. Aspire to greatness, not through blind obstinacy, but through calculated determination and an acute understanding of the true nature of your pursuits.



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