Motivational Speech: Your value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth.

Published on 20 November 2023 at 21:33

Too often we find ourselves craving approval from everyone around us, but let me remind you that your worth is an unwavering constant, a flame that burns brightly within you, regardless of the opinion of others.


The world can be a challenging stage, a place where recognition is not always given or acknowledged;

it´s up to us, though, not to make it our limitation.


A key point to consider is the environment around us : if we remain in environments where people do not recognize our value, we often run the risk of reducing our potential and capabilities to the size of what people around us can understand and accept. And this causes anxiety, depression and stress.


In a society that sometimes measures value by external indicators, dare to be the exception. Understand that your value does not depend on applause or recognition. It is intrinsic, an integral part of your being that cannot be diminished by the limitations of others.


Therefore, be strong in the knowledge of your worth. Fearlessly display your uniqueness, for it is in your individuality that your true power lies. Be the unwavering force that believes in your worth, even when the world may momentarily ignore it.


You owe it to yourself! Always repeat to yourself: I don’t want to shrink my potential because you can’t reach me! You either better roll with me or you gonna get rolled over !!



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