Motivational Speech : In life it counts who is always there, who knows how to stay, who is able to wait. The rest is just passing through

Published on 16 January 2024 at 23:03

This sentence reflects deeply on the essence of human relationships, outlining fundamental criteria for determining their authenticity and value.

"Count who is always there" : goes beyond mere presence, emphasizing the importance of people who consistently show commitment and affection, creating a solid foundation in your life.


"Those who can stay":  adds another layer of meaning, pointing to the strength of those who, in the face of challenges and difficulties, do not run away but stand firm by your side. This resilience in relationships becomes a testimony to the solidity of bonds that can withstand the storms of life.

"Those who can wait for you," : emphasizes patience and dedication in meaningful connections. This aspect emphasizes the value of those who are not only present in moments of joy and success, but also those who are willing to wait when circumstances require time and waiting.

And last , but not least :

"The rest is just passing through" offers a clear perspective on superficial and temporary relationships. This statement suggests that ephemeral connections, although they may pass through your life, do not have the same duration and depth as more authentic relationships.

So, let's cultivate deep connections, invest in relationships that warm the heart and resist the flow of time.
It is a hymn to love, loyalty and the inherent beauty of those who are part of our story, in every chapter and page of our lives.


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