Motivational speech : … And they will tell you that you have changed. While you smile thinking that, in fact, they never knew you.

Published on 24 January 2024 at 17:25

These words become the prologue of a compelling story, your story.


And I feel this way.

Imagine being the protagonist of a tale where your journey is dotted with moments of growth and discovery. Those around you might perceive changes, but your secret smile reveals a deeper truth:

no one has truly understood the complexity of your essence.


Every page of this narrative is steeped in authenticity, where your spirit soars beyond labels and external interpretations.

You face the world with a silent courage, aware that the beauty of your story lies in the richness of the unexplored, in those nuances of yourself that no one has truly grasped.


In this story, our strength lies in maintaining our authenticity despite the noise of others' opinions. Our actions, smiles, and challenges become the chapters that build our unique and special journey.


The plot thickens with authentic relationships, laughter echoing in the air, and moments of reflection unveiling our true greatness.


So, while others interpret our story through the filter of their limited perspectives, we continue to write our destiny boldly. Every phrase, every word, is what makes us unique and invaluable.


Be proud of who you are, even when the world around you seems not to understand you, because your true essence shines through in a unique and unrepeatable way.





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Massimo Ramires
6 months ago


Massimo Ramires
6 months ago