Motivational Speech : When pride wins, people lose themselves

Published on 31 January 2024 at 18:11

An important topic: pride and its impact on our lives.


Pride, if allowed to flourish unchecked, can turn into a destructive force.

When pride wins, people are in danger of losing themselves.

But what does it really mean to lose oneself? It means forgetting humility, compassion and the ability to learn from one's experiences.


When we cling to pride, we often isolate ourselves, building walls around ourselves.

Walls that separate us from others, but also from ourselves.

Pride makes us believe that we are superior, that we do not need to grow or learn, and this is the tipping point where we risk losing our way.


But I am not here today just to highlight the dark side of pride, I am here to celebrate the power of humility, awareness and acceptance of our humanity.


When we recognize that we are not infallible, when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we open the door to personal growth and connection with others.


True greatness lies in the ability to learn from mistakes, to recognize that success is not an end point, but an ongoing journey. We must be willing to set aside pride to embrace wisdom, kindness and mutual understanding.


Life is a complex and often unpredictable journey. When we lose ourselves in pride, we lose the flexibility we need to adapt and grow with the challenges it presents. We need to be like flexible trees that bend with the wind, rather than twisting until they break.


I invite you to reflect on your own lives and how pride may have influenced your choices.



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Tris Legacy
3 months ago

Who swallows no pride stomachs no truth!