Motivational Speech: F-E-A-R has two meanings: "Forget Everything And Run" or "Face Everything And Rise." The choice is yours.

Published on 15 February 2024 at 18:23

Today, I am not  just as a speaker or a writer but  a fellow traveler on the journey of life.


In this journey, we encounter numerous obstacles, challenges, and moments of uncertainty. At times, fear grips our hearts, threatening to hold us back from reaching our full potential.


But in the face of fear, we have a choice—a choice that can define our path and shape our destiny.


Fear, my friends, is a powerful force. It can paralyze us, imprison us in a cage of doubt and insecurity.

It whispers lies of inadequacy and failure, urging us to retreat into the shadows, to shrink from the magnitude of our dreams. But  fear is also an illusion—a trick of the mind that can be dispelled by the light of courage and determination.


Today, I present to you two paths, two ways of interpreting fear:


Forget Everything And Run


Face Everything And Rise.

The choice is yours!


If you choose to forget everything and run, know that you are not alone. It is natural to feel fear, to experience doubt and uncertainty. But remember, running will only lead you further from your dreams, further from the person you were meant to be. Running may offer temporary relief, but it will never bring you the fulfillment and joy that come from facing your fears head-on.


Now, if you choose to face everything and rise, know that the journey ahead will not be easy. There will be obstacles, setbacks, and moments of doubt. But within you lies a reservoir of strength, a flame of courage that can never be extinguished. Embrace your fear. Embrace it as a sign that you are alive, that you are daring to step outside your comfort zone and reach for something greater.


Face your fear with boldness, with tenacity, with unwavering faith in yourself and your abilities. Rise above the doubts and insecurities that threaten to hold you back. For it is in the face of fear that true growth occurs, that miracles are born, that dreams are transformed into reality.


So, my friends, I urge you to choose wisely. Choose to face everything and rise. Choose to embrace the challenges that lie ahead, knowing that with each step forward, you are becoming the person you were always meant to be.


Together, let us rise above our fears.

Together, let us seize the moment and conquer the impossible.


For in the end, it is not the absence of fear that defines us, but rather our response to it.


And I, for one, choose to face everything and rise.





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