Motivational Speech : There are those people who give you flowers and other people who make you flourish

Published on 3 March 2024 at 18:02

This sentence is a powerful reminder of the difference between those who offer superficial gestures and those who contribute to our personal growth and emotional well-being.


This sentence is much more than a simple floral metaphor; it's a profound reflection on human relationships and how to discern who truly loves and supports us.


Imagine receiving a bouquet of flowers on any given day: it's a pleasant gesture, indeed, but ephemeral.

The flowers wither, their scent fades, and soon only memories of that fleeting moment remain. This is what those who "give you flowers" do in our lives: they offer superficial kindness, gestures that may bring a temporary smile but have no lasting impact on our well-being.


On the other hand, there are those who "make you flourish."

These people don't just give flowers, but work with you, side by side, to help you grow, bloom, and reach your full potential. They are the ones who encourage you in difficult times, who support you in moments of doubt, and who celebrate with you in moments of joy. They are the people who invest time and energy in your passions and dreams, who truly listen to you, and who help you overcome obstacles along the way.


Recognizing the difference between these two types of people is crucial for building meaningful and fulfilling relationships.

Too often, we focus on superficial and material gestures, overlooking the true and deep value of authentic human connections. We must learn to recognize and appreciate those who truly support and encourage us on our journey of personal growth.


So, my dear friends, I invite you to reflect on the people around you.

Who are those who give you flowers, and who are those who help you flourish?


Be grateful for both, but invest your time and energy in relationships that nurture you, inspire you, and help you become the best version of yourself.

And last , but not least !!! Be also someone who makes others flourish, who offers support and encouragement genuinely and selflessly.



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