Motivational Speech : The problem is that people don’t know , but talk a lot

Published on 19 March 2024 at 12:47

We are surrounded by a sea of words, but how often do we find ourselves floating on surfaces filled with emptiness, where knowledge is watered down and truth is drowned by the incessant flow of chatter devoid of substance?


How many times have we had to endure the arrogance of those who think they know everything, but actually know nothing? It is as if ignorance has become a weapon, and people feel empowered to fire without even knowing what they are aiming at.


But today I ask you: how long can we allow this madness to continue? How long can we endure being inundated with a deluge of empty words without any sense of substance or truth?


The truth is that our contempt takes on a new form when we realize that we are playing with our intelligence. It is like a punch in the stomach, a call to arms to raise our voices and put an end to this circus of superficiality.


Yes, I challenge you today: do not be afraid to lift the veil of ignorance, to question empty words and to stand up for truth and knowledge. Be the voice of reason in a world that seems more and more prone to madness.


So let us spread truth and knowledge, so in this way we can assert our intelligence and end the reign of emptiness.



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