Motivational Speech : Where does happiness hide?

Published on 10 April 2024 at 14:45

Happiness is one of the most precious treasures we all have at our disposal, but often we forget to seek it. It's as if it were a precious gift given to us since we were children, but over time, we've hidden it away, almost afraid of losing it or forgetting it... a gift so beautiful that we've hidden it away like dogs hiding a bone.


So, I invite anyone listening to me or reading this right now to embark on the search for happiness, right here and now. It's within us, hidden in every corner of our souls, yet sometimes it seems so difficult to find.


It's as if we've hidden happiness in drawers, bedside tables, shelves of our minds, so much so that sometimes it seems impossible to remember where we've put it. But it's there, it's within us, ready to be rediscovered.


So, I invite you to turn everything upside down, to rummage through every corner of your soul, because happiness is there, ready to be found. Try to turn suddenly, maybe you'll catch it by surprise, but it's certain that it's there, ready to be lived and appreciated.


Don't let happiness remain hidden and forgotten, but seek it continuously, every day. It's an inner journey worth undertaking because when we find happiness within ourselves, we can radiate it and share it with everyone.



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