"Equestrian Queen" - where elegance meets athleticism in the world of equestrian fashion

Published on 5 May 2024 at 13:59

You enter in the arena with confidence and style, wearing the finest gowns made for modern equestrianism.

With "Equestrian Queen" you don't just wear dresses, you embody a lifestyle of grace, strength and sophistication.


The entire collection is meticulously designed to seamlessly blend fashion and function, ensuring you not only look gorgeous but also feel comfortable and strong on every ride. From impeccably cut show jackets that draw attention in the ring to stylish yet durable breeches that provide the freedom of movement you need, "Equestrian Queen" has everything you need to conquer the field in style.


But this brand is more than just clothing. It is a celebration of the timeless bond between rider and horse, a testament to the passion and dedication that drives us to push the boundaries of excellence.

When you wear "Equestrian Queen," you are not just making a fashion statement; you are honoring a tradition rooted in beauty, grace and the pursuit of perfection.


So whether you are a professional rider, competition rider or a weekend rider, embrace your inner equestrian queen and enhance your riding experience with our exquisite collection. Because in the world of equestrian fashion, there is only one name that reigns supreme: "Equestrian Queen."

Join the ranks of those who dare to ride with style, sophistication and the unmistakable grace of a true queen of the arena.

As you all know I always have “High Standards” , and I personally  choose "Equestrian Queen" as my daily equestrian outfit because it perfectly embodies the blend of elegance, performance, which is the style that I demand every day .


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