Horses lend us the wings we lack

Published on 15 May 2024 at 17:07

This beautiful sentence encapsulates the profound freedom and exhilaration we experience when we bond with our horses. For those of us who have forged a deep connection with these magnificent creatures, it is not just about riding; it's about transcending our limitations and experiencing a sense of unity and liberation that only horses can provide.


My journey with horses has been nothing short of transformative. Each horse is a partner, a confidant, and a source of inspiration.

From the first moment I felt the powerful yet graceful movement beneath me, I knew I had found something extraordinary. It is a connection that words often fail to capture—a deep, unspoken bond that resonates within the soul.


When I ride, I am not just sitting atop a horse; I am merging with a spirit that amplifies my strengths and diminishes my fears. There is an indescribable sense of harmony and freedom, as if the horse and I become one entity, moving together with a shared purpose and mutual trust.

My horses are given me the wings I lack, lifting me to heights I never imagined possible.


This bond has been cultivated through countless hours spent together, not just in the saddle but in moments of quiet companionship.

Taking care of them, talking to them, simply being in their presence—these are the moments that build trust and deepen our connection. I’ve learned to listen to their needs, to understand their unique personalities, and to communicate with them in a language of love and respect.


I have to say that I have learnt so much thanks to them and I would like to share with you some suggestions to cultivate such a profound connection with your horse:


1. Spend Quality Time Together: Beyond riding, spend time grooming, walking, and simply being present with your horse. Building a bond on the ground creates a foundation of trust that translates into your rides.


2. Listen and Observe: Horses communicate through body language and subtle cues. Pay attention to their signals, and learn to understand their needs and emotions. This attentiveness will strengthen your mutual understanding and respect.


3. Consistent Training and Positive Reinforcement: Establish a consistent training routine that incorporates positive reinforcement. Reward your horse for good behavior, and be patient. Building a connection takes time and persistence.


4. Be Mindful of Your Energy: Horses are incredibly sensitive to our emotions and energy. Approach your horse with calmness and confidence. Your energy can influence their behaviour, so strive to be a positive and reassuring presence.


5. Show Gratitude and Affection: Express your appreciation for your horse through gentle pats, kind words, and treats. Let them know they are valued and loved.



By following these principles, you'll nurture a bond with your horse that goes beyond the saddle, creating a partnership where both of you feel empowered and free. Horses truly do lend us the wings we lack, and in their presence, we find a profound sense of freedom, joy, and connection.


So, embrace the journey, cherish the bond, and let your horse show you what it means to fly.




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