Motivational Speech : The art of Waiting: Rediscovering patience and the value of adjusting

Published on 3 June 2024 at 13:35

We are in an era where patience has become a forgotten virtue, a luxury few seem to afford.


Just think...there are so many things we wait for: a love that fills our hearts with joy, a word that gives us comfort, an act that makes us feel loved, a date that could change the course of our lives, a healing we desire so much. But what do we do while we wait?

We become consumed by anxiety, impatience, the inability to sit quietly and let life unfold as it should.


Yet, waiting is not just a gap to be filled with anxiety. No, it is a precious moment when we can enjoy the excitement of the unknown, foretaste the sweet taste of anticipation. Anticipation is like a journey in itself, an experience to be lived fully, without rush or impatience.


And then there is the patience: a virtue as underrated as it is powerful. In relationships, in life, in problem solving, patience is what holds us steady when everything seems to be falling apart.

But what have we, in this fast-moving, throwaway world, learned?

That if something doesn't work, the solution is to throw it away and move on to the next thing.


Try to think differently!!!


I was educated that things must be fixed, not thrown away at the first difficulty.

Learn to fix what you have, protect what you care about, have patience in relationships and in life, because we can hold on to treasures that last a lifetime.


Taste every moment, live each moment with intensity, and learn to cherish what really matters.

Because in a world that changes so rapidly, true wisdom lies in knowing how to wait and how to preserve.



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