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Published on 2 November 2023 at 16:05

Since 2014, I have been honored to be sponsored by MDC Stirrups, a collaboration for which I am extremely grateful and thrilled to be a part of. Being part of this family is an extraordinary and significant opportunity for me.

MDC Stirrups was founded by Martin Cohen, a brilliant and passionate innovator in the equestrian world. Under his guidance, a wonderful idea was developed that revolutionized the concept of equestrian stirrups. The brilliance of the MDC Stirrups concept lies in the ability to adjust the angle of the stirrup. This innovative design allows riders to personalize the position of their foot support, reducing strain on knees and ankles. This, in turn, enables a more comfortable and less stressful riding experience for equestrians.

Let's dive into more detail.


MDC Stirrups offer a dynamic design that addresses common discomforts and challenges faced by riders.

This means riders can customize the position of their foot in the stirrup, accommodating the unique anatomy of their legs and joints.

By doing so, MDC Stirrups help to alleviate common issues such as knee and ankle strain, which can be caused by traditional stirrups that force the rider's foot into a fixed position.

Moreover, the flexibility of MDC Stirrups serves as a shock-absorbing mechanism. It reduces the impact on the rider's joints during various riding activities.

One of the key advantages of MDC Stirrups is their role in assisting with rider position: the ability to rotate the stirrup eye allows riders to find their optimal alignment more easily, which can translate to improved balance and stability.

By addressing these crucial aspects of rider comfort, alignment, and stability, MDC Stirrups have gained a reputation for being a superior option among equestrians

Being associated with a brand like MDC Stirrups, led by a passionate founder like Martin Cohen, signifies a commitment to excellence and innovation in the equestrian world. I am proud to carry forward the mission of MDC Stirrups through my partnership with them and to share with fellow riders the extraordinary benefits these stirrups can offer.

The collaboration with MDC Stirrups has enriched my equestrian experience and has allowed me to be part of a movement aimed at enhancing riders' comfort and performance through innovation and intelligent design.

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