The Stylish Equestrian: Special Edition – The stylish equestrian for Silvia Rizzo

Published on 16 October 2023 at 13:47

You don’t typically think of dressage riders as rock stars.

But then there’s Silvia Rizzo, the Italian, international dressage rider, PS Dressage fashion columnist and all around equestrian fashionista.

Silvia’s company Hof Marabunta has an enormous Facebook following of over 210.000 and her Hof Marabunta website offers all round info about her, her horses and even Accedemia Italiana shopping! Silvia is driven, ultra-competitive, always smiles (her secret to success) and exceptionally fashionable.

She has recently launched her own polo line – Stylish rider – which you can order via her website (available in light blue, pink and dark blue). A nice touch added to the polo shirts across the back, is the number three in large print.”In Italy, three is the luckiest number,” according to Sil “It represents perfection.”

In September 2015 Silvia was bestowed with the prestigious Chi E’ Chi Award in the Sport Category for being Italy’s brightest ambassador of elegance and style in the international sport world for 2015.

The well known DERBY HOUSE POST , after following the riders in all disciplines all over the world has released a ranking of the World´s Chicest Riders 2016… and Sil ranked #3 just behind Charlotte Casiraghi and Georgie Spence.


Like Sil’s style? Here’s all the info you need to get her look:

Sil loves her super stylish Zipper Tuareg  Accademia Italiana breeches, which are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. You are sure to steal the show in these breeches every single time. The breeches are paired with a crisp white US polo shirt.

Keeping it classy with some super stylish brown accessories like the Mokka SSG gloves, KEP Italia chocolate python Limited Edition helmet, and the custom Stivaleria Secchiari brown and croco boots.

Add on some of Sil favorites to finish of the look, like this Amato Daniele Collection Alice’s wonderland belt, the BMW cap (keeping the look stylish and cool after taking off the helmet) and last but not least Sil’s signature Bulgari blue tinted glasses.

Wishing you all a very stylish ride!

Sil and The Stylish Equestrian


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