Ducati Powers

Published on 26 July 2023 at 21:56

Let's say that due to a multiple of coincidences I got into the world of motorcycles, particularly into the world of Ducati.

It all began when I bought my Ducati horse (The Champ) ... well you all know him, you all are very clear about his great power, his great " engine" and his charisma.

Just because of these characteristics in a very nice article written by Eurodressage, my Ducati is compared and likened to the power of Ducati motorcycles...


From here everything starts....

Always in small steps, like I am used to , first I use for my Kür the "Ducati Anthem" for the final centerline line, then everything stops for the Covid.

Then I re-start again .. so  : everyone on the track!!!

I discover a few items of clothing, e- scooter ,and then I arrived to a Ducati "Total Look " to use both for riding and at the gym ( one day I will talk about this too in details )


To arrive then at the TOP : ... my meeting  with the new MULTISTRADA V4 Rally : a dream come true ! For this I will be forever thankful to Affetto Ducati in Overasselt.

Later on I will tell you about my experience with the MULTISTRADA!


Now let’s see together why the power of a horse and a Ducati can be compared :


  • Physical Power: A horse generates power through its muscular strength, while a motorcycle relies on an internal combustion engine.


  • Speed and Acceleration: horses are living creatures and their speed and acceleration can vary depending on factors . Motorcycles, on the other hand, can achieve much higher speeds and quicker acceleration , but still are 2 characteristic that define them both in their fields


  • Versatility: both horses and motorcycles offer versatility in their capabilities for movement, speed, transportation, and adaptability. Both can be used in a variety of contexts


  • Adaptability: horses are trainable animals and can be trained to perform a variety of different disciplines, such as jumping, dressage, western, endurance ... and especially for competitions! Same for motorcycles! With their variety of models and features, they can be customized to meet the individual needs of drivers, whether for transportation purposes, competitions, or riding pleasure.


  • Human interaction: both horses and motorcycles require interaction and cooperation with humans. While horses require training and a trusting relationship with their riders, motorcycles require competence and control on the part of the driver. In both cases, interaction with these animals or machines can create an emotional connection and a feeling of kinship.


In summary, both horses and motorcycles offer versatility in their abilities for movement, speed, transportation, and adaptability. Both can be used in a variety of contexts and can create a special connection between people and the experience of riding or driving.

But WHY did I decide for a DUCATI ? Stay tuned and you will find out it in the next blogs !






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