Motivational Speech: The power of silence and observation!

Published on 27 October 2023 at 15:03

Today I want to share something different with you all.

U have to know that I have a special radar and I am honestly “allergic “ to lies!

When you read that is better a bitter truth than a sweet lie, oh well yes I agree, not only but I will go a bit deeper:

When I know you are lying I will not tell you, I will shut up and observe to see how far you are able to go…. Why? I explain you , don’t worry!


When we discern untruths and falsehoods, there's a valuable choice we can make—to stay silent, observe, and allow the truth to unveil itself.

In life, we often encounter situations where people may not always be forthright or honest. It's in these moments that our ability to observe, to be patient, and to let actions speak louder than words becomes a remarkable strength.


Rather than engaging in confrontations or reacting impulsively, consider the elegance of restraint. By choosing to remain silent, you're not only preserving your own peace of mind but also giving others the opportunity to reveal their true intentions and character. It's like setting a test of integrity and allowing those around you to voluntarily choose honesty and transparency.

In this approach, you take the high road. You rise above the noise of deception and intrigue, and you maintain your own integrity.

So, my friends, as you go about your journey, remember that in the face of falsehoods, silence and observation can be your most powerful allies. Use them to your advantage, and let the truth unveil itself.

And when it’s the moment just think :

I know you’re lying but continue….



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