Motivational Speech:3 things to know in life : Never beg anyone, Never fear anyone, Never depend on anyone!

Published on 1 November 2023 at 15:07

These three things can serve as your guiding lights, your North Star, as you navigate the journey of life. They are simple yet profound:


1. Never beg anyone:

Begging for opportunities, for respect, or for love, will never truly fulfill you. When you beg, you place the power in someone else's hands, and you surrender your own agency. Instead, work hard, set your goals, and pursue your dreams with unwavering determination. Believe in yourself and your abilities. By doing so, you'll find that you can create opportunities, respect, and love for yourself, and you'll earn them through your hard work and perseverance.


2. Never fear anyone:

Fear is a powerful and paralyzing emotion that can hold you back from realizing your full potential. It can be fear of failure, fear of judgment, or fear of the unknown. But here's the truth: fear is often just a mental construct. When you face your fears head-on, you grow stronger. The great achievements in life come from those who were unafraid to confront their fears and push beyond their comfort zones.


3. Never depend on anyone:

Dependence on others for your happiness, success, or well-being can be a slippery slope. While we all need support and collaboration, it's crucial to maintain your independence and self-sufficiency. Be the captain of your own ship. Set your course and steer it confidently. Rely on your own skills and talents to navigate life's waters. You can seek advice, gather inspiration, and build meaningful relationships, but your ultimate success should be a reflection of your own efforts and determination.


These principles are not about isolation or a lack of humility. They are about self-empowerment and self-reliance.

So, go out there and chase your dreams with relentless determination, confront your fears with courage, and embrace your independence!



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6 months ago

I live this thank you
Fear is a liar and when I read this it is a feeling of encouragement and also a step on the right when making decisions.

Silvia Rizzo
6 months ago

Dear Eli , I am so pleased by your words and very honored to read that also from far away I can help you 💖