Motivational Speech : Crazy isn't the one who throws everything into the air and starts over; crazy is the one who leaves everything in order while remaining immobile in their unhappiness.

Published on 8 December 2023 at 14:26

Think about your life as an open book : each page is a chapter of your story.
Sometimes, the courage to turn the page and begin a new chapter requires audacity. It's easy to stay within the written pages, within established habits, but true madness lies in letting monotony hold back the vibrant melody of your existence.


To throw everything into the air doesn't necessarily mean destruction but : renewal, reinvention, and growth.

It's an act of courage that shakes the foundations of stagnation and opens doors to possibility. Don't be afraid to rewrite your story when the narrative no longer reflects your authenticity.

Remaining stagnant in one's unhappiness, anchored to what is comfortable but not fulfilling, is a compromise the our heart refuses to accept for long.


I invite you to be bold, to challenge

the madness of immobility :

Break the chains of inertia

and embrace the change!


Be the bold chapters of your stories :

crazy enough to chase your happiness, regardless of how daunting rewriting the pages may seem.

Because, in the end, true madness lies in not living fully, in not embracing the uncertain road that leads to your authentic fulfillment.



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