Motivational Speech: "Doesn’t matter “ is the second biggest lie after "I'm ok “

Published on 11 December 2023 at 14:17

In all kind of our relationships the sentence

"Doesn't matter"

often becomes a camouflage for the things that do matter. Yet, when we brush aside these sentiments, we risk diluting the true essence of connection.

Similarly, when we put on the mask of :

"I'm okay"

it's more than just a response; it's a shield. It shields vulnerability, conceals authentic feelings, and sometimes hinders the potential for deeper understanding in relationships.

So, I invite you to take off your mask :

Your feelings matter, your desires matter, and your authenticity matters.

Let's create spaces where honesty thrives, where conversations aren't just exchanges of words but a bridge to understanding each other at a deeper level. In breaking free from the shadows of "doesn't matter" and the facade of "I'm okay," we open the door to relationships that resonate with authenticity, vulnerability, and a shared journey toward mutual growth.

Remember, the strength of your connections lies in the sincerity with which you approach them.

But let me tell you, the real magic happens when you summon the courage to remove those shields.


So, I challenge you to be brave:

Be unapologetically real in your relationships. 

In choosing authenticity, you pave the way for relationships that are not only genuine but also resilient.



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