Motivational Speech : I am not happy, I am cheerful. There is a difference. A happy woman has no worries. A cheerful woman has worries, but she has learned to manage them.

Published on 9 January 2024 at 15:13

Let us dive into the reality of human experience, dissecting the distinction between being happy and being cheerful, particularly for women facing the concreteness of daily life.


A happy woman, it is said, appears carefree, floating through life like a feather in the wind.

Let us now talk about women who embody cheerfulness: these women have a long list of worries, just like the rest of us, but they have become adept at juggling the challenges of the real world.


Life is not a serene walk in the park, but rather a nonstop obstacle course. Cheerfulness, in this context, is women facing concrete obstacles head-on, recognizing that the challenges are not philosophical musings but real-life situations that hit hard.


Being cheerful is not about painting a rosy picture on a cracked wall; not , it is about recognizing the cracks, it is not to recognize how hard we hit , but how much we can get hit and keep moving forward , understanding their origins and figuring out how to strengthen them.


So, my friends, let's abandon the notion of chasing an ephemeral state of perpetual happiness and embrace the concrete reality of cheerfulness. It is about dealing with raw worries, not sugarcoating them.


You know how strong I feel when I can smile despite the pain that ravages me...

It tastes like beauty, class.... It tastes like dignity.





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