Motivational speech : Do it now because too many "thens" become "nevers"

Published on 11 January 2024 at 18:08

The power of now is not an abstract notion; it's a direct challenge to your procrastination.

Your ambitions, your goals – they're hanging in the balance of your decisions, and each delay is a missed opportunity.


Think about that dream you've been nurturing, that passion burning within you. The longer it lingers in the shadows of "then," the greater the risk of it becoming a "never." It's not just a vague concept; it's your dream, your aspiration, your personal calling.


I get it; life is complicated, full of uncertainties. But right now, at this very instant, is where the magic happens. It's not about waiting for the perfect moment; it's about seizing this imperfect moment and making it work for you.

This is a wake-up call to your own potential.


Don't let the "then" steal the spotlight from your now. Take that step, however small it might be. Personal growth isn't about giant leaps; it's about the consistent, determined steps you take every day.


I've been there too, standing on the edge of decisions, contemplating "then" or "now." And let me tell you, the satisfaction of acting now far outweighs the lingering regret of waiting.


It’s scary, I know ! But remember that life is only one, we don’t have a “ second try “ or a “second option “ .

And above all, as I told you in the video:


Life is full of contingencies, both positive and negative , so let´s not wait for the moment when we run out of time.


So, my friends, go ahead, make that call, send that message, write that page, start that project. Because in the script of your life, now is your main scene. Your dreams deserve the personal touch of your actions, not the distant promises of "then."


Your time is now. Your dreams are personal. Go claim them.


I know : your question is “ what if I fail “ ? We said that already , we can fail , we have to fail in order to make the next steps having learned something from that.


Don’t be afraid, but especially stop loosing time.





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