Your riding success: Silvia Rizzo podcast

Published on 16 October 2023 at 14:57

Silvia had the honor of being interviewed by  Your Riding Success


YOUR RIDING SUCCESS is designed to help you experience the success you want in your riding and in your life! The reason we get out of bed every morning is to inspire others to go for their dreams. That's what Your Riding Success is all about! It's about not listening to anyone else, no more excuses, no limitations, no reasons allowed. What is YOUR riding dream and how do we go about making it come true? We are a friendly non judgmental place for you to ask ANYTHING you want to know about horses and dressage. We never say our way is the only way. We simply share our experiences and ideas with the world and hopefully it helps someone! We want the sport to be a more inclusive place, less judgement..... MORE open honest help and support. The life we live is the one WE wanted. So if you are experiencing something you don't like, if you want something to be different. Then CHANGE it!


We talked about many things, passing through my approach with horses, my daily work and passion and the prizes won for combining fashion with horses. Loved it! I am sure u will enjoy it too !  

You can listen it on :

The Your Riding Success Podcast



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