Horses4yc: Interview with Silvia Rizzo, Italian GP dressage rider & H4YC sponsored rider.

Published on 22 October 2023 at 15:41

Interview with Silvia Rizzo.

Italian Grand Prix dressage rider and Horses 4 Your Consideration sponsored rider.


I moved to Germany in 2007 and I have my own stable Hof Marabunta in Bissendorf since 2011. Last year in September we opened a second brunch of Hof Marabunta NL, in Harskamp Resim.

“I feel like the pieces of the puzzle are coming together and I realized that I’m a happier person in The Netherlands,” Silvia confessed. “My partner Michele (Betti) and I put all things together and we agreed that we wanted open a base in The Netherlands too.”

Silvia has moved house to Holland and officially set herself up at Resim Dressage, where she can offer boarding, training, clinics, and training weeks for riders from novice level to Grand Prix in any disciplines. The central location of Harskamp, close to Schiphol airport, is ideal for clients who are in search of the right horse, no matter what level or discipline. Betti and Rizzo have sourced horses that ended up at European Championships, World Equestrian Games, and the Olympics in dressage, show jumping, and eventing.” Michele still oversees all daily management, while he continues to coach his students in Germany and Italy. 

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When you compete internationally do you do that for Italy?



When did you start riding?

It’s a funny story because one day my father saw on the office desk of a dear colleague of his a picture of his daughter (a famous Italian rider who also participated in 2 Olympics) riding a horse. At that moment he thought “I want a picture like that of my daughter too ” …….. after 2 weeks we left for Ireland, and he bought me my first eventing horse Ringwood Sterling …. and that’s how it all started!


Tell us about some of your accomplishments:

My life with horses allows me every day to be able to accomplish something considering that I do this sport primarily because I love horses! Certainly, having competed in all the most beautiful and important competitions in the world has filled me with satisfaction.


Read about Silvia’s business below:

My motto is : Our goal is to make your dreams come true!



With the high experience of Hof Marabunta in all disciplines we can offer regular training in Germany and Holland. Dressage, Eventing, and Show Jumping lessons are possible at our place or in your own stable. Assistance at the shows is also possible.


We organize clinics around the world for all the disciplines, private lessons or divided in groups at all levels. Just contact us via email and we can organize it!


Horses for sale:

Are you looking for your new horse? Just set your goal and we will offer you a selection of horses and ponies to reach it!

Hof Marabunta is well known for many horses suggested in all those years, which attended all the biggest events of the world like WEG, Olympics and European Championships from Pony to Senior level! The high experience and expert eye to understand quality in horses and connect them with the right rider is our specialty.

 We will organize a trip among the selected horses, so that you will have the chance to try them out and choose your perfect partner!

We can organize for your horse shopping: your trip, vet check and transport to the final destination.


Clothing line:

I collaborate with all my sponsors to create the perfect style for each rider.


What do you look for in finding dressage horses to sell?

First of all, the horse’s health and temperament are crucial. I always make sure it is healthy and has a temperament suited to the needs of my clients. A healthy horse with a balanced temperament will make the training process much smoother. It is equally important to know the horse’s history and past training. This will give you a clear idea of his abilities and how he has been handled in the past. If you have specific goals for training, such as entering competitions or performing specific jobs, it is essential that the horse has the necessary experience.


Who is one of your mentors?

Mark Todd


Tell us which one of your horses is closest to your heart?

I love all my horses, but certainly the king is Donnerbube. He is a beautiful black stallion with one of the best pedigrees in the world in fact he is sired by Donnerhall and Pik Dame by Pik Bube. He is the one who brought me to debut at GP in 2009 and it is only thanks to him that I was able to compete in all the most prestigious shows in the world. In everyday life he is always an exuberant stallion, but who always knows how to turn into an attentive and cooperative partner at the time of work.

He is not just my horse, but he is a piece of my heart!

Now he is enjoying his well-deserved retirement!


Tell us about Sal, the Lusitano stallion you use to show? 

Sal is certainly one of the most intelligent horses I have ever ridden!

He is also a famous stallion well known not only in Portugal, but all over the world and not only for his brilliant racing career, but also for the excellent physical and temperamental quality he passes on to his offspring. His strong point is definitely his temperament: he always has the pleasure of working with a 100% collaboration with the rider, he is a brave horse, but always balanced and always sure of himself. Now he enjoys his well-deserved retirement.


What do you do on your days off?

Day off?? I don’t know this word!!


What would you tell your 15-year-old self?

Dear 15-year-old, remember that challenges make you stronger, defeats are only stepping stones to success, and true friendships will last forever. Be kind to yourself and be confident in the path you are on. The world is full of opportunities and amazing adventures awaiting you. Live every moment to the fullest and never stop dreaming.


You can get in contact directly with us for horse sales, lessons, clinics: or via WhatsApp +49.171.3461728 


Thank you Silvia for the interview.


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